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Welcome to Stahl!

Welcome to Doris M. Stahl Junior High

Summer is over and it is now day 1 and 2 of school - Now what???

Here are some simple steps to get you going on day one and two.

Prior to Day 1

  • Fully charge your computer.

  • Practice logging on to your computer.

  • Find and practice logging on to Schoology.

    Help for this can be found at the PSD Family University.

Day 1 (Thursday, September 3rd)

  • Make sure your laptop is fully charged.

  • Around 8:30-8:45 students will want to log into their computer. (This should go well because your practiced this, right?)

  • Students will then log on to Schoology. (This also should go well because we know you practiced this as well, right?)

  • Once in Schoology locate and click on the tab at the top that says “Courses”.

  • Once at “Courses” find your 1st Period class and click on that box.

  • Once you are on your 1st Period page the teacher should have posted in either “Updates” or “Materials” a link that says, “Join Microsoft Team Meeting”.

  • At approximately 8:55 - Click on that link.

  • A drop-down prompt may ask you if you want to “Open Microsoft Teams” and YES, yes you want to do that. 

  • This will bring up a prompt that looks like this….

  • You want to make sure that your video and microphone are turned off to start (Teachers may prompt you to turn those on once in) and click the join now button.

  • You will then be in your 1st Period class and your teacher will help you from there.

  • Once the 1st Period class is over at 9:50 you will then go to your 2nd period class, followed by 3rd period.

  • After the lunch break 11-12:30 you will be in your Homeroom/Stormtime class for the afternoon. 

Day 2 (Friday, September 4th)

Follow all of the Day One instructions but instead of finding your 1st period at 9:00 am you will start your day with 4th Period.  Students will be in 4th, 5th and 6th period in the morning sessions and again in Homeroom in the afternoon. 


We know this may be challenging.  The Stahl Staff is here to support. Students and Parents/Guardians need to give themselves grace as we face this unprecedented challenge.  Together we will meet this challenge.


Show Up, Do The Work, Be Positive!