Stahl students place in top five in state
Stahl students place in the top 5 for state mapping competition
Posted on 06/17/2020
Stahl students place in the top 5 for state mapping competition

Stahl Junior High ninth graders Neyandra Catta, Mathew Green, and Samantha Kincade each placed in the top five in a state mapping competition. They competed against more than 500 entries.

The students were in Scott Bosen’s ninth grade physical science class and all of the work was done during the time of the building closure. Team-teacher Desiree Carson ran the competition for Stahl. “Our goal was to use STEAM strategies and relevant technology to engage students in analysis revolving around biological and physical systems on Earth,” says Carson.

The 2020 ArcGIS US School Competition project, sponsored by Esri, is a way for students to learn to use maps made by others, find content, analyze data, create and save maps, and collaborate. Students explore a situation in their state (using state competition guidelines) and share the results in a StoryMap.

“They did a fantastic job of going into detail and kept it local about Washington,” says Carson. Watch Carson’s announcement video.

The projects can be viewed by clicking on the photos below:

Permitted Pollution
Neyandra Catta – Permitted Pollution and Water with Pollution

Northern Spotted Owl
Mathew Green - Northern Spotted Owls and their Habitats

Habitat Wonders
Samantha Kincade - Habitat Wonders of Washington State

The entries were submitted through the Office of Superintendent for Public Instruction, who serves as a liaison between Washington state and the competition.

Winners were announced Monday June 1, 2020. Participating states award $100 to each of the five best high school and five best middle school projects. Eligibility is limited to students in grades 4-12 in public or nonpublic schools (including home schools). Students work independently.

According to its website “Esri challenges US high school and middle school students to create and share projects about something in their home states, striving to be among the best in the school, state, and nation.“

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