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Junior High Sports Schedules

Fall 2019 Fall Sports Clearance Dates:

August 22 (Prep Day)  7:00AM - 3:00PM
August 30  8:00AM to Noon 

September 3  8:00AM -Noon
September 4  LUNCHTIME (Cross Country)

Welcome to the Stahl Storm Sports Page! The following information should prove helpful if your son/daughter wishes to participate in a sport(s) at Stahl.

Athletic Clearance: Prior to trying out for a sport at Stahl (7th and 8th graders only), each athlete must get cleared to participate by the athletic director, John Diseth. ( Here is the process:

  1. Sports Physical- all athletes need to have a physical with a doctor, and bring their physical examination form to Mr. Diseth prior to the sports season (showing that they are clear for participation). These are good for two years, and will be kept on file at Stahl. Blank physical forms can be found in the athletic handbook in Stahl’s main office.
  2. Online Participation Forms- parents/guardians need to complete and save two online forms. (“,” “Electronic Participation Forms,” “Athletic Eligibility” and “Parent Permission and Consent.”) These need to be filled out annually.
  3. Gray Athletic Clearance Card- these are available in Stahl’s main office, and need to be brought to Mr. Diseth once filled out. (these travel with the team in the event of an emergency)
  4. Concussion Screening/Form- any athlete trying out for football, basketball, soccer or wrestling, needs to have baseline concussion screening. ATI Physical Therapy (253-840-5511) offers convenient, inexpensive screening. These are good for two years, and will be kept on file at Stahl.
  5. See Mr. Diseth- Prior to each sports season, I will be available on the stage during lunchtime to clear kids for the upcoming season.

Academics: As student-athletes, academic performance in the classroom is our number one priority at Stahl. Athletes are expected to maintain a 2.0 GPA, and be passing 5 of 6 classes. Failure to do so will result in the student being placed on academic probation. Grades are strongly considered by coaches making cuts during tryouts (volleyball, soccer, basketball).

Sportsmanship: Stahl has a strong tradition of great sportsmanship. We ask that our coaches, parents and athletes be respectful of each other, as well as our referees. As a good friend once told me, there are four roles at an athletic event, and you can only perform one of those roles: player, coach, parent/fan, and referee.

Sports Seasons/Starting Dates:

FALL ATHLETICS - Boys Football and Girls Volleyball (9/3/19), Girls Cross Country (9/4/19)

WINTER I ATHLETICS - Boys/Girls Wrestling and Girls Basketball (11/12/19)

WINTER II ATHLETICS  - Boys Basketball and Girls Soccer (2/3/20)

SPRING ATHLETICS  - Girls/Boys Track (4/15/20)

*volleyball, basketball, and soccer are all cut sports requiring tryouts

Transportation: Athletes can ride the activity bus home from practices (Monday-Thursday), it departs at 4:20. We ask that are athletes ride to and from away contests on the team bus. Most coaches will allow athletes to ride home from a contest with a parent if they provide their coach a signed note in advance.

ASB/Athletic Fee: All athletes are required to purchase an ASB card ($30), and pay an athletic fee ($40) per season. Students on free/reduced lunch have a discounted price. These can be paid to Mrs. Storm in the main office.

Communication/Playing Time: We ask that our athletes be proactive in regards to their communication with teachers and coaches. For example, if an athlete needs to miss practice for some reason (ex. Academics), we want the athlete to speak with their coach ahead of time to work out a plan. Playing time is determined by the coach. Our goal is to put kids in the game when they have the best opportunity to be successful. Our coaching staff is also trying compete in games, so playing time will not always be equal. If there are any concerns about playing time, please talk with your son/daughter first, then contact their coach if needed.

Attendance: Attendance is very important at Stahl. Our athletes need to be at school the day before, day of, and day after a contest in order to be eligible. Athletes involved in other after school activities will want to check their schedule prior to trying out for/joining a team.

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me, John Diseth, at 840-8881 or